Ian Wallace

WallaceLookoutWS3 Ian Wallace, Lookout, 1979.

  Chosen by: Rodney Graham, Artist   “When Ian was making these large panoramic works back in the seventies, nobody was doing anything in photography with that scale of ambition. And nobody was using photography that way: bringing in ideas of … Continue reading

Thomas Sidney Cooper

Canterbury Meadows © 2011 carolyn. All rights reserved.

  Chosen by: Vienna and her dad Bruce Shaver   “I picked this painting because I have a stuffed animal named Moo Moo and he’s a cow. I’ve had him since I was little. (Dad: For 5 or 6 years.) … Continue reading

Diane Arbus

Burlesque Comedienne in her dressing room, Atlantic City, NJ Diane Arbus, Burlesque Comedienne in Her Dressing Room, 1963.

  Chosen by: Bif Naked, Gallery Member   “I have been a fan of Diane Arbus for many years. Her work and her life have always captivated me, and as a ‘dramatic’ and ‘passionate’ woman myself, I am drawn to … Continue reading

Emily Carr

Self Portrait with Friends Emily Carr, Self-Portrait with Friends, 1907.

  Chosen by: Richard Bates   “I like the expressions on the faces of the animals, and of the people were looking unamused! I thought it was a quirky subject. This painting just appealed to me and made me smile.” … Continue reading

Brian Jungen

JungenMenInMyFamily Brian Jungen, The Men of My Family, 2010.

  Chosen by: Laura Cuthbert, Gallery Member “Ancestry is an art, and Jungen’s piece embodies that. I love the stitches in time, the once-flesh rawhide, and the red that screams and smiles. It holds such significance; to me, as a … Continue reading

E.J. Hughes

Old Empress Figurehead, Stanley Park E.J. Hughes, Old Empress Figurehead, Stanley Park, 1939.

  Chosen by: Zoe Grams “Vancouver, for me, has always meant Stanley Park. Not the Stanley Park of summer, when the seawall tingles with brightly-dressed tourists and families, but the Stanley Park of Autumn, when the air is sharp and … Continue reading

Chuck Close

Phil Manipulated Chuck Close, Phil Manipulated, 1982.

  Chosen by: Colleen Laramie, Gallery Member   “Chuck Close is one of the artists that I can say I know exactly where I was when I first saw his work. Seattle. About 15 to 20 years ago. Seeing his … Continue reading

AY Jackson

JacksonNorthShore AY Jackson, North Shore, Lake Superior, 1926.

  Chosen by: Sara Place   “I picked this because it reminds me of my dad, who is an artist. His parents, my grandparents, had a chance meeting with AY Jackson when he was travelling in BC’s interior back in … Continue reading

Shirin Neshat

NeshatAllDemonsFlee Shirin Neshat, All Demons Flee, 1992.

  Chosen by: Fez Qureshi   “This picture has so much to tell about the people and the society it shows. Here, a group of women in black burkas are carrying an old sword, and it looks like another great … Continue reading

Jack Shadbolt

ShadboltBackAlley © 2011 carolyn. All rights reserved.

  Chosen by: Meghan Petersen   “I’m into mythology and mythical creatures. This painting reminds me of the fairy and folk tales I loved as a child. I enjoy the joyful expressions of the people in the painting.”   Jack … Continue reading

Carole Itter

GrandPianoRattle Carole Itter, Grand Piano Rattle: a Bosendorfer for Al Neil, 1984.

  Chosen by: Shauna Reid   “I am mesmerized. So much to look at. As an art teacher, I tell my students that beauty is everywhere. If you see something intriguing, pick it up, keep it, and eventually the object … Continue reading

Arthur Lismer

VancouverIsland Arthur Lismer, Vancouver Island, B.C., 1952.

   Chosen by: Dana Sullivant, Gallery Director of Marketing and Communications   “One day in the spring of 2000, my husband retrieved his brushes, palette knife and several canvases from a far corner of the attic —untouched since his days … Continue reading

David Milne

Shore Line, Six Mile Lake David Milne, Shore Line, Six Mile Lake, 1936.

  Chosen by: Susanne Lloyd, Gallery Volunteer   “Back in the late 70′s, I took a course in the history of Canadian art at UBC. There were, of course, lots of examples from the Group of Seven, which I duly … Continue reading