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MackenzieTrackingAthabasca Landon Mackenzie, Tracking Athabaska (Space Station) Falls Said to the Largest in the World So Far,

Landon Mackenzie

  Chosen by: Sharon Fritz & the Grade 8 French Immersion Art Class at Kitsilano Secondary School   “We are in the early days of the school year and just beginning to get to know each-other. I started out by … Continue reading

Kunsthistorisches Museum III Wien Thomas Struth, Historisches Museum III Wien, 1989.

Thomas Struth

  Chosen by: Emmy Lee, Assistant Curator   “This photograph was part of the first exhibition I ever worked on at the Gallery called 75 Years of Collecting: Portrait of a Citizen, an exhibition celebrating the Gallery’s 75th anniversary and the … Continue reading

Prototype for New Understanding #2 Brian Jungen, Prototype for a New Understanding #2, 1998.

Brian Jungen

  Chosen by: Scott Arvid Lundell   “A great artist is one who looks at things differently, someone who makes the mundane and familiar suddenly unique and magical, an artist whose work fills you with wonder and awe. Brian Jungen … Continue reading

SiskindLandlord Aaron Siskind, Neat, we've been asking the landlord to paint for two years, from Harlem Document, 1937-1940.

Aaron Siskind

  Chosen by: Trevor Mills, Gallery Photographer “One of the most enjoyable publications I worked on since starting at the Gallery was the Real Pictures book. I was familiar with the majority of the images, but only from reproductions, so it … Continue reading

Bull-2 Roy Lichtenstein, Bull I, Bull II, Bull III, Bull IV, Bull V, Bull VI, 1973.

Roy Lichtenstein

  Chosen by: Douglas Coupland, Artist “This series of six prints hung in a stairwell of the former Vancouver Art Gallery down Georgia Street to the west. I remember taking the bus to visit the Gallery in… 1975? 1976? … … Continue reading