SooAlrightMama Mark Soo, That's That's Alright Alright Mama Mama, 2008.

Mark Soo



Chosen by: Wesley Yuen, Gallery Member


“As a baby boomer, Mark Soo’s piece is a haunting and nostalgic reminder of the past, and causes me to wonder where I am… then or now! The piece makes me see double: from the title, the two images and the images within the images (3-D anaglyphs). Seeing double doesn’t stop there, however, as I see two rooms, two sets of recording equipment and two viewing aspects… from outside and inside the recording studios. Lastly, I see the work from two points in time – the day in the 1950s when Elvis walked into the room to make the record, and the day Mark Soo recreated the scene. Layers upon layers upon layers of time and space uniquely presented. Wonderful! I am so happy that the Gallery has this piece.”


Mark Soo, That’s That’s Alright Alright Mama Mama, 2008, 2 digital chromogenic prints, angled wall, 3-D glasses. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Purchased with proceeds from the Audain Emerging Artists Acquisition Fund. Photo: Robert Keziere.

and… because we know you want it… here’s a link to The King, circa 1954.



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