ArdenGutter Roy Arden, Gutter, Marine Building Reflected #1, 1981-85.

Roy Arden


Chosen by:  Yvonne Fried, Gallery Member

I am interested in how allegory emerges from the real. Roy Arden

“I recently studied Roy Arden in my summer class at the University of Victoria. The urban landscape is a subject near and dear to my heart, and my camera. Arden’s realist photo-conceptual images of Vancouver’s changing urban landscape are poignant social narratives of our time. His photographs often juxtapose the old with the new in unexpected ways, creating visually and emotionally striking images. In this work, I was initially drawn to Arden’s use of colour, form, texture and composition. After the initial impressions of the image, the details become prominent – the cigarette butts, the oily slick of unknown pollutants present on the water, and the ghostly image of the building reflection in the background of the image. The photograph is both powerful social commentary and a stunning work of art.”


Roy Arden, Gutter, Marine Building Reflected (#1), Vancouver (from Fragments) 1981-85. Ink jet print, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Gift of the Artist.

Yvonne Fried is a visual arts student in Victoria and is one of thousands of people who follow the Gallery on Facebook.


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