B. C. Telephone, Man at Bench, March 12, 1927 Percy Bentley, B.C. Telephone, Man at Bench, March 12, 1927.

Percy Bentley


Chosen by: Krisztina Egyed, Gallery Member

“I selected this work not only because it is a beautifully executed depiction of ordinary everyday life that has meaning for all of us, but also because I have always believed that art is a perfect barometer to gauge how we are evolving as a society. This seemingly simple photo tells a complex story that richly resonates with irony and metaphor on many levels. The subject in the photo is in the communication field, which is what art is about. It brings my thoughts to the relevance of our resource and exploration industries, and how they are responsible for the amazing technologies possible today, including the huge range of exploration and mediums present in contemporary art practice. Taken in 1927, this photo also takes my thoughts back to the time the Gallery was coming into being, and makes me think of how much BC Tel itself has evolved over the 80 or so years since this photo was shot… becoming now a supporter of the arts in my community. It also brings to mind the tears I shed missing my own father. There are just too many reasons to love this wonderful photo – it fills my heart! Through the art of discovery is the discovery of art, which has the ability to connect us all. Thank you Vancouver Art Gallery and Happy 80th Birthday.”


Percy Bentley, B.C. Telephone, Man at Bench, March 12, 1927, 1927. Silver gelatin print. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Purchased with support from the BC Cultural Fund. 

Krisztina Egyed is a visual artist who lives in Squamish, and follows the Gallery on Facebook. She and her family have a Household Membership at the Gallery. 

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