ArdenSelfPortrait Roy Arden, Self-Portrait (#1), Vancouver (from Fragments), 1981-85.

Roy Arden


Chosen by: Mathieu Young

“I’ve always admired the work of Roy Arden. This piece taken from the Fragments collection has to be one of my favorites. What I like the most about Arden’s work is the uniqueness of his style. No one can replicate his work. It’s absolutely one-of-a-kind. If I was to describe Roy Arden in one photograph, I would pick this one. I am the camera, I am mysterious, this is how I see the world and this is how people see me…”


Roy Arden, Self-Portrait (#1), Vancouver (from Fragments), 1981-85. Photograph. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Gift of the artist.

Mathieu Young is a photographer living in Calgary. He is one of more than 3500 people who follow the Gallery via Facebook from outside B.C., and around the world.

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