KiplingLandscapeFalkland Ann Kipling, Landscape - Falkland, B.C., 1977, 1977.

Ann Kipling


Chosen by: Gordon Smith, Artist

“I chose this drawing because I have long felt that Kipling is one of the best artists working in Canada.  The particular and exceptional quality of her vision is evident in all of her drawings.  She makes us see the world in a new light.  Kipling’s work is absolutely original and never fails to amaze me.  Her images of the B.C. landscape are her own and a great gift to the rest of us. I think that it is important for the Gallery to have work which challenges the viewer and suggests new ways to see the world, rather than work which simply reinforces existing prejudices.”


Ann Kipling, Landscape – Falkland, B.C., 1977, 1977. Pencil on paper. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Gift of Joan Lowndes.

Gordon Smith is an artist in Vancouver. Many of his paintings are in the permanent collection of the Gallery. Some of his work will be on display this fall, as part of the exhibitions An Autobiography of Our Collection and Shore, Forest and Beyond.


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