Bull-2 Roy Lichtenstein, Bull I, Bull II, Bull III, Bull IV, Bull V, Bull VI, 1973.

Roy Lichtenstein


Chosen by: Douglas Coupland, Artist

“This series of six prints hung in a stairwell of the former Vancouver Art Gallery down Georgia Street to the west. I remember taking the bus to visit the Gallery in… 1975? 1976? … and seeing them stopped me cold. It was like seeing the inside of my head, except it was outside my head plus, it was some other person’s way of seeing. I guess it made me feel a) not alone in the world, and b) like a member of a secret society of people who shared a common vision. I also saw the ten Warhol Marilyns that same trip, and when I left the building I really was a different person. It was a great trip.”


Roy Lichtenstein, Bull I, Bull II, Bull III, Bull IV, Bull V, Bull VI, 1973. Linocut on paper. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Permanent Collection Fund. Photo: Henri Robideau, Vancouver Art Gallery

Douglas Coupland is an artist and writer. Most recently, his work was part of the Gallery’s exhibition In Dialogue with Carr. 

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  1. John M.

    I never knew the Vancouver Art Gallery had Roy Lichtenstein’s work in its collection; it would be nice to see this set on display again.

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