MackenzieTrackingAthabasca Landon Mackenzie, Tracking Athabaska (Space Station) Falls Said to the Largest in the World So Far,

Landon Mackenzie


Chosen by: Sharon Fritz & the Grade 8 French Immersion Art Class at Kitsilano Secondary School


“We are in the early days of the school year and just beginning to get to know each-other. I started out by asking who had been to the Vancouver Art Gallery and what they had seen and liked, then explained the 80 Artworks project. We started by looking at all the artworks up for selection  (using an LCD projector) and students just “shouted out” when they particularly liked one and said why. I kept track and we looked again at the ones that had gotten the most enthusiastic response.

Landon Mackenzie’s Tracking Athabasca won the class vote. The students said it was “beautiful” and “mysterious” and “cool!” They liked the layering and the rich color. They thought  it resembled a map of a mysterious place and that it made you imagine where you could go. 

We then took a look at her website to learn more about her work – very inspiring! Thanks for letting us be part of this project!”


Landon Mackenzie, Tracking Athabaska (Space Station) Falls Said to Be the Largest in the Known World So Far, 1999. Acrylic on canvas. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Gift of the Artist.

Ms. Fritz wrote up this contribution to 80 ARTWORKS on behalf of the class.  Kitsilano Secondary School is one of dozens of schools which sends classes to the Gallery for our art education programs. More than 20-thousand students come through the Gallery’s doors each year.


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