McFarlandCigar&Sickle Scott McFarland, Cigar and Sickle, 2002.

Scott McFarland


Chosen by: Chris Nicolson, Gallery Member

“Things aren’t always what they seem with Scott McFarland’s work, just like in real life. You think you have things sorted out, until you realize you don’t and it’s really something else. This picture of a rumpled old field hand smoking a cigar? It’s really a picture of video-artist and long-time McFarland friend Owen Kydd’s uncle, at the family cabin, pretending to do some yard work, but really stealing away for a luxurious puff. Through digital manipulation and obsessive detail adjustment (look how perfectly lit this scene is, and how that cigar tip pops red on the field of green) or sometimes through more blatant physical set-ups, Scott makes me think about what’s real and what’s not, and forces me to be more wary of my assumptions. That’s a pretty tall order for a photograph.”

Scott McFarland, Cigar and Sickle, 2002, chromogenic print, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Gift of the Artist.

Gallery Member Chris Nicolson, along with his partner David Allison, has been collecting Scott McFarland’s work for many years. 

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