I love sports, sports loves me! Aganetha Dyck, I love sports, sports loves me! 1976-81.

Aganetha Dyck


Chosen by: Sara Coffin


“I am drawn to this work based on its three-dimensionality and form alone. Coming from the point of view of a dance artist, work that plays with the scope of the body is of the most interest to me. But also I love sports, sports loves me! evokes many potential forms,  narratives and sparks the imagination for me.

Recently I danced alongside this little sweater at the Gallery’s Everything Everyday exhibition, as part of Family Fuse Weekend. For me this was the perfect pairing: highlight the here-and-now as beauty and life itself is its own artwork, while at the same time broadening the scope of the Gallery’s exhibit by giving the works a kinetic representation for the young eye to pick up and appreciate.”

Aganetha Dyck, I love sports, sports loves me! 1976-1981. Sculpture: wool, metal, textile. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Gift of Peter Dyck. 

Sara Coffin is a dance artist based in Halifax and Vancouver who has performed as part of the Gallery’s Family FUSE. Sara is a supporter of the Vancouver Art Gallery and one of thousands of people who follows the Gallery on Facebook.

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