WarholMao Andy Warhol, Mao, 1972.

Andy Warhol


Chosen by: Daphne Chan

“I don’t recall the first time I saw a photo of Mao Zedong, but it was an image I was familiar with having grown up in an Asian family. Later when I saw Andy Warhol’s painting of Mao, it became the image I associated with Mao – those painted lips and vivid colours. Years later, I traveled to Beijing, China and stood at the gates of the historic Tiananmen Square. I gazed at the larger-than-life portrait of Mao and it was odd that this iconic image was the one that reminded me of Warhol’s version, the one that had stayed in my memory as the de facto portrayal of this leader.”


Andy Warhol, Mao, 1972, screenprint on paper, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Gift of J. Ron Longstaffe. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / SODRAC (2011) Warhol’s Mao images will be on display at the Gallery in the upcoming exhibition, An Autobiography of Our Collection.

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