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SiskindLandlord Aaron Siskind, Neat, we've been asking the landlord to paint for two years, from Harlem Document, 1937-1940.

Aaron Siskind

  Chosen by: Trevor Mills, Gallery Photographer “One of the most enjoyable publications I worked on since starting at the Gallery was the Real Pictures book. I was familiar with the majority of the images, but only from reproductions, so it … Continue reading

Bull-2 Roy Lichtenstein, Bull I, Bull II, Bull III, Bull IV, Bull V, Bull VI, 1973.

Roy Lichtenstein

  Chosen by: Douglas Coupland, Artist “This series of six prints hung in a stairwell of the former Vancouver Art Gallery down Georgia Street to the west. I remember taking the bus to visit the Gallery in… 1975? 1976? … … Continue reading

ArdenSelfPortrait Roy Arden, Self-Portrait (#1), Vancouver (from Fragments), 1981-85.

Roy Arden

  Chosen by: Mathieu Young “I’ve always admired the work of Roy Arden. This piece taken from the Fragments collection has to be one of my favorites. What I like the most about Arden’s work is the uniqueness of his style. … Continue reading

NEThingArtAllOver N.E. Thing Co., Iain & Ingrid Baxter, Art is All Over, circa 1970.

N.E. Thing Co.

  Chosen by: Reece Terris, Artist “The more things change the more things stay the same…”   N.E. Thing Co., Iain & Ingrid Baxter, Art is All Over pin, circa 1970. Lithograph, metal, paper, plastic. Collection of the Vancouver Art … Continue reading