BinningLucyChair B.C. Binning, Lucy on a Chair, 1944.

B.C. Binning


Chosen by:  Shona LaRoche, Gallery Member

“We truly live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth and anyone who knows me knows that I never take this beauty for granted. I take every opportunity to get out and enjoy what B.C. has to offer, whether it’s walking the beautiful beaches surrounding Vancouver or hiking the Pacific Spirit Park trails with my dog.

Selecting a piece was enjoyable, but tough. I was tempted by the stunningly beautiful paintings of Toni Onley. He is one of my favourite Canadian artists and I have given visiting family and friends copies of his book. Another artist I admire is Takao Tanabe, whose work captures the breathtaking surroundings here in British Columbia.

However, the wonderful, whimsical work that made me smile was B.C. Binning’s “Lucy in a Chair.” I’ve worked with animals my entire working life in the veterinary field and have met many a “Lucy”. What I love about this work is the question: Is this Lucy’s favourite chair? or has she snuck up when no one was watching and is now relishing the comfort of the comfy chair? Anyone who owns a dog is going to understand this and enjoy it as much as I did. So this is my choice. “


B.C. Binning, Lucy on a Chair, 1944. Ink on paper. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Gift of Mrs. Jessie Binning.

“Lucy on a Chair” will be on display in the fall as part of the exhibition Autobiography of the Collection.




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