JungenMenInMyFamily Brian Jungen, The Men of My Family, 2010.

Brian Jungen


Chosen by: Laura Cuthbert, Gallery Member

“Ancestry is an art, and Jungen’s piece embodies that. I love the stitches in time, the once-flesh rawhide, and the red that screams and smiles. It holds such significance; to me, as a drum maker, to others as a twisted identity, and to everyone else as some sort of worldly collaboration of mediums. I can hear the rawhide beating the rhythms of the Gallery, a steady harmony of what is just right in my world. A steady beat of what I hold close.”


Brian Jungen, The Men of My Family, 2010. Moose and deer hide, car fenders, freezer, steel. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Art Gallery Acquisition Fund. Photo: Rachel Topham, Vancouver Art Gallery. The Men of My Family is currently on display in An Autobiography of Our Collection.

Laura Cuthbert is a (brand new) Gallery Member, and chose this work on the day she got her membership.

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