Untitled #72 Cindy Sherman, Untitled #72, 1980.

Cindy Sherman


Chosen by: Stephanie Rebick, Curatorial Assistant.

“On my first trip to New York at age 16, the only thing I wanted to do more than shop at Barney’s was visit the Museum of Modern Art. At that point my knowledge of art was limited to what could be gleaned from school trips to the Art Gallery of Ontario and the McMichael, yet I felt utterly drawn to this midtown monolith. It was there that I first saw the work of Cindy Sherman—I was fortunate to catch an exhibition of her Untitled Film Stills—and I was completely seduced by this body of work. At the time, I had little understanding of the context in which she produced these works or even their feminist undertones, but from that moment on I knew that I wanted to study art and eventually have something to do with putting together exhibitions like this one. I came across her work again and again in my university studies and was even forced by an overzealous professor to identify her considerable number of Untitled works by number and date. To this day I still get heart palpitations when I view her photographs – my mind racing to match a number to the work.  

Untitled #72, though produced after the Untitled Film Stills, reminds me of that day when I first encountered her work in New York. What I find so compelling about Sherman is her ability to create such multi-layered and evocative images; no matter how many times you look at her photographs it feels like you are seeing them for the first time.”


Cindy Sherman, Untitled #72, 1980. Chromogenic print. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Art Gallery Major Purchase and Acquisition Funds. Untitled #72 will be displayed as part of the upcoming exhibition Autobiography of Our Collection, which opens September 24, 2011. 


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