Old Empress Figurehead, Stanley Park E.J. Hughes, Old Empress Figurehead, Stanley Park, 1939.

E.J. Hughes


Chosen by: Zoe Grams

“Vancouver, for me, has always meant Stanley Park. Not the Stanley Park of summer, when the seawall tingles with brightly-dressed tourists and families, but the Stanley Park of Autumn, when the air is sharp and the trees start to bare. E.J. Hughes’ linocut conjures both a peace and nostalgia that I have always received during my frequent visits to the park since moving to Canada. There’s the curvy, friendly-looking benches in the forefront, and the muted, soft greens and beiges felt on a cold day. And then the bright, stunning punch of the Figurehead as you round the corner, just like when you spot something special on the sea’s horizon, or round upon a statue you forgot was there.

A BC-resident, E.J. Hughes’ work is saturated with symbols of the West Coast and Canadian culture. There is a great feeling of pride and beauty; his linocut feels like a celebration of the province’s atmosphere, its quiet strength. It is also a very accurate depiction of my favourite days in a city that I only recently started to call home.”


E.J. Hughes, The Old Empress of Japan Figurehead, Stanley Park, 1939. Linocut. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Zoe Grams is one of thousands of people who follows the Gallery on Facebook, and recently moved to Vancouver from Britain. 

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