TanRise&Fall Fiona Tan, Rise and Fall, 2009.

Fiona Tan

Chosen by: Stacey White, Member of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Young Associates


“Ever since I first viewed Fiona Tan’s Rise and Fall I have been haunted by her video’s images and the sensations they trigger. As my experience lies primarily with painting, photography and sculpture, I often find video more challenging to relate to. But not so with this piece.  Immediately I was overcome with a sense of wonder and solitude, mesmerized by her juxtaposition of the hypnotic qualities of Niagara Falls and the gentle caressing of a woman’s back, all the while completely engulfed in the rhythmic soundtrack that manages to both ease and unsettle the viewer at the same time. It surprized me to have such a strong reaction to a medium I often find intimidating or cold, but I now find myself giving more time and thought to video works when I encounter them and I credit this to the lasting effects of Tan’s Rise and Fall.

Fiona Tan, Rise and Fall, two-channel video installation, 2009. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Purchased with funds from The Jean MacMillan Southam Major Art Purchase Fund.
Photo: Rachel Topham, Vancouver Art Gallery.

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