Evening - Georgian Bay Frederick Varley, Evening - Georgian Bay, circa 1920.

Frederick Varley


Chosen by: Noah Becker, Artist

“Varley was always my favourite member of the Group of Seven. He’s the best painter from the group for my money. When I was a teen, I would spend hours staring at a reproduction of Varley’s Vera. Eventually I had the thrill of visiting the original painting in the National Gallery. I feel like I’ve kind of learned how to paint from looking at Frederick Varley’s paintings. This one, Evening – Georgian Bay, shows the terrifying sublimity of Canada’s landscape.”


Frederick Varley, Evening – Georgian Bay, circa 1920. Oil painting. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Anonymous gift.

Noah Becker is a visual artist living in Victoria, and is one of thousands of people who follows the Gallery on Facebook. Noah’s work was part of the Gallery’s exhibition How Soon is Now in 2009.

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