26 Oranges Gathie Falk, 26 Oranges, 1970.

Gathie Falk



Chosen by: Dorothy Beck, Gallery Volunteer



“I have loved Gathie for years. She is so versatile and has such a wonderful sense of humour. She is very down to earth. When I was building an art studio of my own, she advised me against having sky lights in my studio. She kindly invited me over to see her studio, and illustrated the effect of cutting light by hanging sheets under her sky light.


I have many of her artworks. One of her ceramic cabbages hangs in my kitchen, her watercolour East End Plums is in the master bathroom, and a cluster of her paintings of light bulbs and her painting Clean Cuts #9 are in my living room. I love her dresses and men’s shirts, her rooms, and all her many approaches to art.


Love this idea of the 80 Artworks!


Gathie Falk, 26 Oranges, 1970. Sculpture. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. 


Dorothy Beck is a retired lawyer and has been a docent at the Gallery for 32 years.


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