Pacific Landscape Gordon Smith, Pacific Landscape, 1963.

Gordon Smith


Chosen by: Chris Millikan


“Many years ago I came from a small interior town to Vancouver for teacher training. This painting reminds me of that first exposure to city, ocean and sky. But, beyond the evocative form and beauty of this work, I’m reminded of my former teacher… Gordon Smith. Back in the sixties, while I was at UBC, he opened my eyes to the grand possibilities of art and inspired me to express what I see and demonstrated how to expose children to the wonders of artistic expression. A wide range of art experiences that year with Gordon Smith influenced my life profoundly, and launched my own love for art. It wasn’t until much, much later that I learned that Gordon is an esteemed and internationally recognized Canadian artist. But, for me, aside from the power and allure of this wonderful landscape, this painting resonates with warm memories of the man.”


Gordon Smith, Pacific Landscape, circa 1963, screenprint on paper, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Gift of J. Ron Longstaffe

Chris Millikan lives in Delta, BC, and is a retired teacher and elementary school principal. When she was a teacher, she used to take her Grade 7 students to the Gallery every year.  Now she is one of the Gallery’s many followers on Facebook.

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