Carnival_grey Gordon Smith, Carnival, 1954.

Gordon Smith


Chosen by: Hilton Goodes, Assistant Security Supervisor at the Gallery

“This could be a carnival anywhere in the world, but it reminds me of Lunar Park in Bulawayo, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), my place of birth. Lunar Park coincided with the country’s Trade Fair and Agricultural Show, much the same as PlayLand operates during the PNE here in Vancouver.

I used to go to Lunar Park when I was a kid, and loved the fun on the rides – for me the “Octopus” was the best. Lunar Park was a huge event in Bulawayo – the Trade Fair was by far the country’s biggest fair and Lunar Park was the place to go for people of all ages – and I have many happy memories of summer days there. I left Zimbabwe in 1981 for South Africa. My family and I moved to Canada fourteen years ago and we have all been to PlayLand … the wooden roller coaster is amazing!”


Gordon Smith, Carnival, 1954, oil on panel, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Transfer from Vancouver Art Gallery Women’s Auxiliary Picture Loan Committee, Photo: Trevor Mills, Vancouver Art Gallery.

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