Lubber Luanne Martineau, Lubber, 2003

Luanne Martineau


Chosen by: Mohsen Khalili


“I love this piece. It is an inside-out creature. It does not pose a serious problem. You won’t hesitate to be amused by it and to enjoy not solving the puzzle of what it is. You will be happy with the familiarity, as well as challenged by the twisted intestine of this soft, mechanical, empty lump. In a simple phrase, it is unpretentiously current… located somewhere between us and the smart and bloodless art world around us.”


Luanne Martineau, Lubber, 2003. Felt, wool. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Gift of the artist. Photo: Tomas Svab.

Mohsen Khalili is a visual artist living in Vancouver, and one of thousands of people who follows the Gallery on Facebook.


You can see Lubber on the 3rd floor of the Gallery in the UNREAL exhibition until Sept. 5th, 2011.  

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  1. merrell

    this is one of my favorite pieces too

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