NicolsonHouseofGhosts Marianne Nicolson, The House of Ghosts, 2008.

Marianne Nicolson


Chosen by: Sharon Young, Assistant Manager of The Gallery Store. 


“One of the things I loved about this installation, the House of Ghosts, is the power of art to literally change and transform the landscape of our city.  I loved how it engaged people who might not visit the Art Gallery – especially kids on the street.  I happened to be on the Georgia plaza when the artist was going through the installation process and kids skateboarding by were drawn to the lights that were dramatically transforming the Gallery to a Northwest Coast Ceremonial House, and wanting to know what it was.  I so admire the artist’s contemporary interpretation of the traditional and I admire her beautiful culture.”

Installation view of Marianne Nicolson’s The House of Ghosts, on display from October 4, 2008 to January 11, 2009. Photo: Trevor Mills, Vancouver Art Gallery. The Gallery’s permanent collection holds the screen print of the crossbeam shown in this installation. Marianne Nicolson, Sisi’utl Crossbeam, 2008. Screenprint on paper.



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