Fred Herzog

Untitled [Hastings and Columbia Street, Vancouver] Fred Herzog, Untitled (Hastings and Columbia Street, Vancouver), 1958.

  Chosen by: John Mendoza, Gallery Member   “I think this photograph is one of the highlights of the Gallery’s collection. There are many reasons this work deserves attention. First, the composition of the photo is admirable: the colourful and … Continue reading

Robert Frank

FrankCityOfLondon Robert Frank, City of London, 1951.

  Chosen by: Fred Herzog, Artist   “This photograph was taken very early in Robert Frank’s career as a photo realist, yet much I have learned about Frank’s work is already present in this single photograph. The photograph shows a moment … Continue reading

Elspeth Pratt

PrattAdrift2 Elspeth Pratt, Adrift, 2000.

  Chosen by: Kathleen Ritter, Associate Curator   “I first saw Elspeth Pratt’s work at the Vancouver Art Gallery in the 1998 exhibition weak thought. I was still a student at the then-Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and … Continue reading

Michael Morris

The Problem of Nothing Michael Morris, The Problem of Nothing, 1966.

  Chosen by: Annick Boisset, President of the Associates of the Vancouver Art Gallery   “The minute I saw this artwork at a Gallery exhibition a few years ago, I was drawn to it. What is it? Pop Art was … Continue reading

Luanne Martineau

Lubber Luanne Martineau, Lubber, 2003

  Chosen by: Mohsen Khalili   “I love this piece. It is an inside-out creature. It does not pose a serious problem. You won’t hesitate to be amused by it and to enjoy not solving the puzzle of what it is. You will … Continue reading

Glenn Toppings & Dallas Selman

Toppings, Glenn; Selman, Dallas Glenn Toppings & Dallas Selman, Black Night Rip.

  Chosen by: Ken Lum, Artist   “In 1978, I was spanking new to contemporary art and, except for some vague notion, I did not even know who Pablo Picasso was.  At the time I was trying to expand my … Continue reading

Percy Bentley

B. C. Telephone, Man at Bench, March 12, 1927 Percy Bentley, B.C. Telephone, Man at Bench, March 12, 1927.

  Chosen by: Krisztina Egyed, Gallery Member “I selected this work not only because it is a beautifully executed depiction of ordinary everyday life that has meaning for all of us, but also because I have always believed that art … Continue reading

Jock MacDonald

Indian Burial, Nootka Jock Macdonald, Indian Burial, Nootka, 1937.

  Chosen by: Marianne Nicolson, Artist   “This painting was done in 1937, the same year my mother was born. I used to come to the Gallery to look at this work. In its own melancholy way, it reminded me … Continue reading

Liz Magor

MagorDoubleScarp Liz Magor, Double Scarp, 1980.

  Chosen by: Claudia Beck, Member of the Board of Trustees   “Were it possible, I would select the whole collection. This is the foundation of the ongoing history of the Vancouver Art Gallery.   I chose Liz Magor’s sculpture … Continue reading

Roy Arden

ArdenGutter Roy Arden, Gutter, Marine Building Reflected #1, 1981-85.

  Chosen by:  Yvonne Fried, Gallery Member I am interested in how allegory emerges from the real. Roy Arden “I recently studied Roy Arden in my summer class at the University of Victoria. The urban landscape is a subject near … Continue reading

E.J. Hughes

HughesEdgeOfWood E.J. Hughes, Edge of the Wood, Gabriola Island, 1953.

  Chosen by: Chris Thompson “I’m originally from Ontario and I love the way the Group of Seven captured the spirit of Lake Huron’s wild shores and the forests in the Muskoka/Algonquin regions, where I vacationed. When exploring their art … Continue reading

Reece Terris

TerrisVIVA Reece Terris, Ought Apartment, 2009. Photo: Rachel Topham.

  Chosen by: David Allison, member of the Gallery Acquisition Committee “This installation piece, which filled the rotunda at the art gallery from the main floor all the way up to the peak of the dome, was one of the most … Continue reading