Toni Onley

Onley, Mt. Baker from Galiano Island, 1977 Toni Onley, Mt. Baker from Galiano Island, March 12, 1977, 1977.

  Chosen by: Kit Grauer “This water colour has so many associations for me. I was lucky enough to study with Toni as a painting instructor at UBC in my undergraduate days. He was an inspiration as a teacher and … Continue reading

Kenojuak Ashevak

AshevakLoonsProtectTheOwl Kenojuak Ashevak, Loons Protect the Owl, 2002.

  Chosen by:  Gem Salsberg   “This print reminds of my childhood and a story my mom once told me about an owl. My mother raised me around tree-planting camps that were often so isolated from towns or roads that … Continue reading

Mark Soo

SooAlrightMama Mark Soo, That's That's Alright Alright Mama Mama, 2008.

    Chosen by: Wesley Yuen, Gallery Member   “As a baby boomer, Mark Soo’s piece is a haunting and nostalgic reminder of the past, and causes me to wonder where I am… then or now! The piece makes me … Continue reading

George Segal

George Segal, The Execution, 1967. George Segal, The Execution, 1967.

  Chosen by: Ian Thom, Senior Curator   “I first saw it in 1969, here at the Gallery. I was 17. It struck me powerfully. It was the 60′s. A time of race riots, war protest and turbulence in the … Continue reading

Edward Burtynsky

Rock of Ages Quarry #45, Abandoned Section, Rock of Ages Quarry, Barre Vermont © 2011 carolyn. All rights reserved.

  Chosen by: Kim Spencer-Nairn, Gallery Member   I will always remember the first time I saw a Burtynsky photograph. It was a diptych of the Sudbury nickel tailings and I was immediately struck by its simultaneous beauty and ugliness … Continue reading

Gathie Falk

Dress with Insect Box Gathie Falk, Dress with Insect Box, 1998.

  Chosen by: Bruce Grenville, Senior Curator   “I remember seeing this sculpture in Gathie Falk’s studio in the late 1990s. I had just moved to Vancouver to work at the Gallery and one of my first projects was to … Continue reading

Gordon Smith

Pacific Landscape Gordon Smith, Pacific Landscape, 1963.

  Chosen by: Chris Millikan   “Many years ago I came from a small interior town to Vancouver for teacher training. This painting reminds me of that first exposure to city, ocean and sky. But, beyond the evocative form and … Continue reading

Rodney Graham

GrahamPonderosaPine Rodney Graham, Ponderosa Pines, 1992. (detail)

  Chosen by: Melissa Mercier   “Rodney’s work forces me to look inside myself. It’s peculiar how the image of a tree upside down convinces the brain that it could in fact be the very root system of the tree … Continue reading

Takao Tanabe

South Moresby, Queen Charlotte Islands Takao Tanabe, South Moresby, Queen Charlotte Islands, 1984.

  Chosen by: Tina Winterlik   “I love the simplicity of this painting. I can really relate to it, and it’s very similar to paintings I did myself about a year ago. I’ve never been to the Queen Charlottes, but … Continue reading

B.C. Binning

BinningLucyChair B.C. Binning, Lucy on a Chair, 1944.

  Chosen by:  Shona LaRoche, Gallery Member “We truly live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth and anyone who knows me knows that I never take this beauty for granted. I take every opportunity to get out … Continue reading

Roy Kiyooka

KiyookaStoneDgloves Ray Kiyooka, StoneDGloves, 1970.

  Chosen by: Nina Hooker   I was a student at the University of Calgary in the fine arts department from 1971 to 1973. I took two terms of photography. As a final project, our professor took us to the … Continue reading

Marianne Nicolson

NicolsonHouseofGhosts Marianne Nicolson, The House of Ghosts, 2008.

  Chosen by: Sharon Young, Assistant Manager of The Gallery Store.    “One of the things I loved about this installation, the House of Ghosts, is the power of art to literally change and transform the landscape of our city.  … Continue reading