ArdenRuptureInstall Roy Arden, Rupture, 1985.

Roy Arden


Chosen by: Lesley Lacroix, Gallery Member


“I’m an art historian and I’m always intrigued by political art. The ‘rupture’ that Arden shows takes place in 1938… an interesting moment in history when the country is in the depths of the Depression and about to enter the Second World War.  

I like the history of the buildings these demonstrators chose. They chose the post office and art gallery – public buildings, places that people frequent, places of communication. What is great about this artwork is that you don’t have to read the artwork from left to right, or right to left. You can read the photos in any order you like, and make your own story. I like that.”


Roy Arden, Rupture, 1985, silver gelatin print, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Art Gallery Acquisition Fund. Rupture is currently on display in An Autobiography of Our Collection.

Lesley Lacroix is a teacher in the BC interior.


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