Canterbury Meadows © 2011 carolyn. All rights reserved.

Thomas Sidney Cooper


Chosen by: Vienna and her dad Bruce Shaver


“I picked this painting because I have a stuffed animal named Moo Moo and he’s a cow. I’ve had him since I was little.

(Dad: For 5 or 6 years.)

I love animals. I like that there’s a cow that stares at me when I look at the painting. It looks like if you touched the painting, the fur on the cows would be fuzzy.”


Thomas Sidney Cooper, Canterbury Meadows, 1871. Oil on canvas. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, presented by public subscription. This is the first painting purchased for the Gallery, in 1929. It hung for two years in the mayor’s office until the Gallery was built and opened in 1931. The painting is currently on display in An Autobiography of Our Collection.

Vienna is seven years old and came to visit the Gallery recently with her dad.


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