Our Exhibits

The Vancouver Art Gallery presents exhibitions of work by artists ranging from historic masters to leading-edge contemporaries. These include major thematic exhibitions, presentations of solo artists and smaller, more focused showcases. In a typical year, 2 to 3 exhibitions are borrowed from other institutions and 10 to 12 exhibitions are developed in-house, drawing on our permanent collection and loans of works from around the world. In addition, the Gallery tours a few of its exhibitions each year.

Past Exhibitions

The Distance Between You and Me
3 Artists from Vancouver, Los Angeles and Guadalajara

September 24, 2011 to January 22, 2012

Gonzalo Lebrija
The Distance Between You and Me 15
Lambda print
Courtesy the Artist and Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris

Visit the The Distance Between You and Me microsite for further information on the exhibition and related public programs, special events, tours and lectures. Please click here or the image below.

The Distance Between You and Me presents the work of three notable contemporary artists from Vancouver, Los Angeles and Guadalajara. Thematically, the exhibition revolves around the ideas of location and dislocation, not only in the geographical sense, but also in terms of psychological location. Vancouver-based artist Isabelle Pauwels uses video and found photographs that combine images from her home in suburban Vancouver with home movies made by her grandfather during his family’s time in the Belgian Congo. The temporal and geographic disjunction produces a remarkable uneasiness, binding social and political history, location to medium and memory and family relations.

Here and Elsewhere a two-channel video installation by Kerry Tribe, presents a charming conversation between a father and young daughter. Asked to speak about time, space, memory and being, the daughter evokes a sense of melancholy and dislocation that cannot be mended with critical thinking. In the arid Los Angeles landscape that appears and disappears throughout their conversation, their resolutely British accents seem oddly out of place.

The Distance Between You and Me by Guadalajara artist Gonzalo Lebrija includes four 16-mm films, each depicting the artist running away from the viewer as fast as he can. Light and landscape discernment of the receding figure, creating a visually mesmerizing and disturbing image in the same time. The viewer is left to wonder if they are the cause of this retreat, or if they should join the artist and abandon their own location.

Organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery and curated by Bruce Grenville, senior curator.
The Distance Between You and Me is the twelfth installment in NEXT: A Series of Artist Projects from the Pacific Rim, presented by TD Bank Group.