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Art Rentals & Sales

Come see what your walls are missing.

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Staging a home for sale? Have an empty wall in your office? Love contemporary art but can't decide what to purchase? Choose from over 800 contemporary artworks consigned to us by local artists and galleries. Rental fees are as little as $10/month and purchase options are also available.

Art Rental & Sales is a not-for-profit business operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Since 1952, the program has promoted emerging and mid-career Canadian artists through the rental and sale of their artwork. All the artwork in the rental program is consigned by the artists who receive the majority of the fees collected. The remaining proceeds are donated to the Vancouver Art Gallery.

  • The average rental fee is $80/month
  • Rental fees are a deductible business expense
  • Delivery and installation is available (for an additional fee)
  • All the artwork is also available for purchase
  • If you'd like to buy the art you're renting, we'll credit up to three months of your paid rental fees to the purchase

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Call us to make an appointment or stop by our Art Rental & Sales Showroom. We'll help you to choose the perfect work for your personal or business needs.

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Showroom: 604.662.4746
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NOTE: The Art Rental & Sales program does not include artworks that are in the permanent collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery.


Mark your calendars for these upcoming 2016 AR&S Events

Featured Artist: Aimee Henny Brown
Feb 1 – Apr 15, 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 7pm
Art Rental & Sales
Artist Talk / Aimee Henny Brown / Art Rentals Showroom
Aimee Henny Brown is an interdisciplinary artist whose work addresses both the history and fate of printed matter as tangible objects in a virtual era.

Free to attend but space is limited. Meet at Membership desk in the lobby. For more information: 604.662.4746
or email

Aimee Henny Brown
Futur Simple 5
collage on cotton rag paper

Featured Artist: Stuart McCall
April 18 – June 30, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 7pm
Art Rental & Sales
Artist Talk / Stuart McCall / Art Rentals Showroom
Stuart McCall’s photographic practice is characterised by an observational perspective that focuses on industrial areas and construction worksites, exploring the unexpected arrangement of elements that occurs from chance effect.

Free to attend but space is limited. Meet at Membership desk in the lobby. For more information: 604.662.4746
or email

Stuart McCall
2926, 2015
inkjet print

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