Are you interested in art and the Gallery's exhibitions? Do you like to work with people in a social learning environment? Join our friendly and dedicated team of Gallery Volunteers.

Below are all volunteer positions within the Vancouver Art Gallery. All available positions have an application form link that says “click here” that you will need to complete. All fields with an asterisk symbols are mandatory fields and your application will not be accepted unless the application form is complete. If you are applying for more than one volunteer position you will need to complete the application form associated with each open position.
*Please note that all positions below will indicate whether we are accepting new volunteers or not. If we are not accepting volunteers for that particular position the application form will not be received.

1. Make sure you are able to make the commitment. Our volunteers are required to make a minimum commitment for each of the volunteer positions listed below.

2. Make sure you are eligible. You must meet these requirements:

  • Each volunteer role requires a minimum time committment. Please ensure you can make the committment before applying.
  • Volunteers must be fluent in English
  • Volunteers must be eligible to volunteer in Canada

Volunteer Opportunities

School Programs

Tour Liaison & Workshop Assistant

Tour Liaisons welcome school groups and prepare them for their visit to the Gallery as well as assist during art-making workshops for students. Tour Liaison & Workshop Assistant shifts are three hours long on weekday mornings and afternoons.

6 months
• Term 1: September–December    or    Term 2:   January–June
• Shifts: Monday–Thursday, 9–11:45 AM or 11:45–3 PM

We ARE currently accepting applications for Tour Liaisons.


Family Programs

Weekly Family Programs

Our Weekly Family Programs staff will need a team of super keen volunteers. They will work with our education staff to facilitate the children’s early encounters with art. Bold, whimsical and funny volunteers are needed!

The Making Place Volunteers
The Making Place takes place every Sunday and features both collaborative and independent art-making activities. Program assistance includes material preparation and instruction for all kinds of projects.

3 months flexible schedule
• Term 1: January–June    or    Term 2:   July–December
• Shifts: Sundays, 11 AM–4:30 PM

We ARE currently accepting applications for The Making Place


Family Fuse Weekend

Expect the unexpected and consider the absurd as artists, dancers, musicians, filmmakers and other creative artists lead workshops, performances, tours and activities proving that there are no limits to the imagination.

2–6 months
• Our Family FUSE Weekend runs 3 times a year
Upcoming Family FUSE Weekends: July 9–10, Nov 26–27
• Shifts: Saturday & Sunday, 9:00am–5pm

We ARE currently accepting applications for Family FUSE Weekend


Adult Programs

Ambassador Program

Gallery Ambassadors work in our lobby greeting and orienting visitors on exhibitions and programs, and also special events such as Opening Receptions and FUSE.

1 year
• January–December
• Shifts: 1 times per week

We ARE NOT currently accepting applications for the Ambassador Program.

Concert Liaison

Volunteers greet and direct the public to noon-hour concert series scheduled on select Fridays.

1 year
• January–December
• Shifts: Friday, 11:30am–1:10pm

We ARE NOT currently accepting applications for Concert Liaison.

The Art Rentals & Sales Program

The Art Rental & Sales Program provides the applicant the opportunity to learn about local art, meet the artists we represent, and add to our client’s experience in the Showroom. Volunteers contribute on a variety of special projects, showroom tours, and administrative tasks. The work can be physically demanding so strength and flexibility is required.

1 year
• Shifts: Tuesdays for 4 consecutive hours between 10am-5pm
3 to 4 times a month

We ARE NOT currently accepting applications for Art Rental & Sales


Volunteers in the Gallery Store help organize the display of new products, assist visitors and support the retail sales staff.

1 year: flexible schedule, holiday hours
• Shifts: flexible

We ARE NOT currently accepting applications for Gallery Store

Administrative Opportunities

Volunteers also work in our Library and in the Marketing, Development, and Registration departments.

We ARE NOT currently accepting applications for Administrative Opportunities.


The Vancouver Art Gallery hosts a multitude of events thought the year.

We ARE currently accepting applications for Special Events Volunteers.



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